Keya & Mato
Stone Hearts

What is a myth for some is the truth for others.

The novel Keya & Mato - Stone Hearts tells of being human, of discovery and identification, of traditions and rituals, of life and death, of trust and devotion, as well as of love, because it seems to be the key to everything.

But what is love? While one person thinks they have already found love, the other is just beginning to discover it.

Grete takes part in a meditation for work reasons and meets Winnie. Fascinated by his world, whose dominant roots are the Lakota Sioux tribe, her life turns upside down. But nothing stays the same for Winnie either, because Grete pushes him to his limits...

This book is originally written in the German language. However, it is currently being translated into the English language, so please stop by this webpage regularly to stay updated for the release date of this book.

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