CANTE ETANHAN OWOGLAKE: speaking from the heart

The title of this book "CANTE ETANHAN OWOGLAKE", means "Speaking From The Heart". This book "CANTE ETANHAN OWOGLAKE" and the bookcover are Copyright 2000 David Little Elk. All rights reserved. This Lakota Language course was developed by David and he uses it to teach the Lakota Language to his students from all over the world. This course also includes 5 Lakota language CD's. This Lakota language book is very extensive and has been recently expanded to include new advanced dialogs and more Lakota words added.


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About this Lakota Language Course:
  • This book comes with 5 CDs that contain many vocal exercises.
  • The student will be speaking Lakota sentences immediately.
  • The student will learn the musicality of the language.
  • This book contains cultural information that reinforces Lakota language concepts.
  • My mother has added the female perspective of this language to this book.
  • No previous experience is necessary to use this course.
  • This course is designed for individual self-study, and can also be used in a classroom.
  • This book can be utilized for many years, as it used in schools from the elementary level to university level.
  • This course is the OFFICIAL Lakota Language Course of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, South Dakota, USA.
  • This book is used in many tribal schools and universities.
  • This is the same language that is spoken in the 7 times Academy Award winning movie "Dances With Wolves".
  • This is the same language that is spoken in Steven Spielberg's 2005 tv movie series "Into The West".
  • This book is HUGE and contains over four times the amount of information than other Lakota language books available.

About the CD's:
  • On each CD, I say all the sounds, words and sentences.
  • There is time on each CD for the student to repeat what I say.
  • These CD s also feature dialogs, in which the student learns the part of one speaker and I am the other speaker on the CD.
  • On the CD s, I begin the conversation and space is given on the CD for the student to respond to my questions; thus, creating a dialog between the student and myself. Afterwards, the student and I exchange dialog parts. Hence, these CD s are interactive.
  • Each program number on the CD's can be programmed on any CD player to repeat as many times as the student desires.
  • These CD's contain much, much more information than the cassettes and CD's from other Lakota language courses currently available.

About the Author:
  • My name is David Little Elk.
  • I am a member of the Cheyenne River Lakota Sioux Tribe in South Dakota, USA.
  • I am a spiritual leader and certified Lakota Language & Culture Teacher.
  • I teach the Lakota language,spirituality and culture from the Lakota Perspectve.

To give you an idea of my how I teach the Lakota language, below is a playlist from my YouTube channel with many Lakota Language Mini-Lessons.

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